cpcm lead the Capex tender bid to enable new contract award to EnBW for Mammoth offshore Windpark "He Dreiht"

Chartered RICS Surveyor and Civil Engineering Andrew Carr, Cpcm has recently lead the Capex Tender for He Dreiht offshore wind park for EnbW.

This Mammoth Windpark covers approximately 62 km² in the north Sea.Cpcm are specialist consultants in Wind park Commercial tendering, technical project cost management. We achieved several hundred million euros cost savings via new off Shore Wind Technology, Turbines, Substation Multi contracting, etc.

This intensive value engineering work commenced in September 2016 and has now paid off with Cpcm client EnbW winning the complete He Dreiht Contract.

Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) has been successful in the first offshore auction in Germany with the acceptance of its bid for the "He Dreiht" wind farm. The EnBW bid for the construction of the 700MW project did not include EEG subsidies and He Dreiht is therefore one of the world's first offshore wind farms without state subsidies. The wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned in 2025 and will benefit from advancing technological developments and the further professionalisation of the wind energy sector. The project lays the foundations for the further growth of EnBW in the area of renewable energies beyond 2020.

Cpcm have proven with EnbW the new bidding process shall achieve the most competitive bid and wish to continue this success for further on and offshore wind projects throughout Europe.