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Technical Translations
The problem with most technical translations is that they simply are incorrect. How often do native speakers find themselves shaking their heads when reading translated documents?

Most translation specialists take any contract that comes through the door and perform the translation on a word for word, line for line basis. It does not matter how professional the stamp on the document looks if the content is misleading. Many translation firms rely on the fact that personnel within the client's company have neither the ability nor time to find these mistakes. As a result, the customers you are trying to communicate with and support simply do not understand what you are trying to tell them.

Take for example a major language like English. If a computer manual has to be translated, it must be translated in such a way that it can be understood by anyone reading it who speaks English, not just by users whose mother tongue is English.

Technical documents have to be translated as per the exact specification requirements. Without this, the functional requirements of the system simply cannot to be achieved. Legal documents have to be translated as per the actual terms of the contract to avoid future disputes in regard to weak or incorrect interpretations. Technical and Legal documents require experts within their own field. They must have a high linguistic ability plus a clear insight into various readers ability to understand.

If a text has to be translated from German into English, the work shall be done by a native English speaker with at least ten years experience in the German language.

Finally, as part of our quality assurance we offer you a correction guarantee as standard. Should you have any doubts over parts of your translation, we shall obtain the opinion of a third party and make any necessary alterations at no extra cost.