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Construction Risk Management
cpcm provides analysis of risks and makes critical recommendations on contract awards, design and construction contracts, proactive prevention of cost/value overspend.


The project decision to build has been made, but contracts for development, design, realisation, and operation still have to be authorised.

We will prepare a budget, provide competitive pricing and complete a risk contingency allowance. Monthly risk analysis and cost reports analyses in accordance with the quantity surveying methods directed by the RICS. The risk management will optimise total profitability.

How we do this

You will receive a detailed cost budget based on up-to-date comparable objects and your scope conditions required for the project. This cost plan will give much higher cost security than the designers' estimate, even at an early project stage. We will prepare an investment budget whilst maintaining your design function requirements. We will continuously cost monitor alternatives and find the most risk free and profitable solutions.

At all stages of the construction the costs of a project shall be checked continually. The investment and operating costs are to be controlled within the expected profit margin.

Cpcm will deliver watertight contract verifications with clear information and recommendations furnished by one of the most experienced contract and change order management experts for construction projects in the profession.

We will adapt our services to the individual requirements and circumstances of your project.

We can also supply you with sample contracts including preliminary remarks, which are based on experience extracted from hundreds of previous construction projects.

We will support you in the decisive stages of the contract awards (award strategies, contract award negotiations).

We will assist you and your lawyers with the preparation of design, construction, operational, lease, or purchase contracts regarding the required technical contents and by checking the construction-specific parts of the contracts.

Your advantage: The risk management will optimise total profitability.