• 10.04.2020

    Cpcm lead the way in new data center developments in Switzerland

    Cpcmanagement have been awarded the contract for commercial and contract management for the construction of data center new build projects in Switzerland and have provided professional consultancy for construction commercial and project management services. Within a very short time cpcm provided contractual FIDIC and SIA proposals which enabled watertight agreements to be made with our client. Cpcmanagement also proposed finanacial advice to provide positive construction cash flow. Cpcm also supported the client to obtain local and competitive contractors and site logistics which ultimately reduce the tendering work periods normally required prior to awarding major subcontracts.

    With cpcm´s particular experience with Swiss and German project procedures we ensured a formulation of pricing documentation to enable local competitive contracting. Cpcm also provided new cost estimation to enable full cost control for Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical plant installations.

  • 20.04.2017

    Cpcm lead the Capex tender bid to enable new contract award to EnBW for Mammoth offshore Windpark "He Dreiht"

    Chartered RICS Surveyor and Civil Engineering Andrew Carr, Cpcm has recently lead the Capex Tender for He Dreiht offshore wind park for EnbW.

    This Mammoth Windpark covers approximately 62 km² in the north Sea.Cpcm are specialist consultants in Wind park Commercial tendering, technical project cost management. We achieved several hundred million euros cost savings via new off Shore Wind Technology, Turbines, Substation Multi contracting, etc.

    This intensive value engineering work commenced in September 2016 and has now paid off with Cpcm client EnbW winning the complete He Dreiht Contract.

    Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) has been successful in the first offshore auction in Germany with the acceptance of its bid for the "He Dreiht" wind farm. The EnBW bid for the construction of the 700MW project did not include EEG subsidies and He Dreiht is therefore one of the world's first offshore wind farms without state subsidies. The wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned in 2025 and will benefit from advancing technological developments and the further professionalisation of the wind energy sector. The project lays the foundations for the further growth of EnBW in the area of renewable energies beyond 2020.

    Cpcm have proven with EnbW the new bidding process shall achieve the most competitive bid and wish to continue this success for further on and offshore wind projects throughout Europe.

  • 12.12.2016

    Maximum potential for offshore Windparks

    Cpcm provide cost efficiencies and new proven ideas to add even further potential to your new projects.

    Maximum cost savings

    We have an extensive cost database of the most recent offshore wind parks for construction. Mammoth savings have already been achieved by using the most modern technical windpark designs available now and even further cost savings predicted for 2025. For example we currently work on the new tender for He Dreiht with EnBW. The cost data base we have accumulated over the past 20 years here in Germany and Europe shall ensure clients obtain an accurate construction budget to procure a safe investment.

    Cost modelling future off shore wind Parks Cpcm has developed future technology cost models for wind energy. We explore and track the impact of innovations on the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) in a consistent way. Our report examines how technology innovation is anticipated to reduce the cost of energy from European offshore wind farms up to 2045.

    Leverage via Value engineering. Via value Engineering we follow up on further savings on trade packages possible without affecting quality prior to contract price negotiations. With regard to QS construction cost control and project management. We have successfully compiled, controlled and managed the construction cost for the MAJOR wind park development here in Europe.

    Contract Management, Moving away from EPCI

    We have an extended and trusted supply chain for contractors and suppliers. Via our extensive contacts we have a full list of all contractors and suppliers currently working to the highest quality and with the most competitive prices for off shore foundations, OSS stations, Turbines, IAG cables and logistics. We procure a bespoken and watertight contract based on fixed cost EPC and / or Multi contracting.

    Termin planning Acceleration to critical path

    Our accelerated construction programmes enable substantial savings on both fixed and time related costs.

    We are specialist managers for Claims and variations to / from customer or to / from external parties, partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

  • 16.03.2015

    Cpcm claims management enables clients to resolve major claim issues on offshore platforms

    Cpcm International have been active on off shore wind park projects for several years now. Recently on BorWin 3, a new wind park project in the north see, Andrew Carr, MRICS, chartered civil engineering surveyor, supported Siemens in particular on claims management for this new offshore platform. The resulting successful negotiations enabled the client to resolve major claim issues with regard to the technical offshore platform consortium agreement.

    Cpcm specialise in risk and claims management, technical and commercial Due Diligence and are chartered Quantity Surveyors. Cpcm are also FIDIC Experts and procure bespoken EPC Contract Design Management for major civil engineering projects throughout Europe.

  • 09.10.2013

    Updated Broshure About Our Services (german)

    You can find the updated broshure in the Brochures section.

  • 24.05.2013

    Andrew Carr meets Berlin Senator Mr. Michael Müller at the Berlin Real Estate Property Fair (BIM)

    cpcm Managing Director Andrew Carr visited the Berlin Real Estate Property Fair (BIM). Of particular interest were discussions held together with the Berlin Senator Mr. Michael Müller with regard to Budget overruns, the increased demand for housing and urban redevelopment in Berlin.

  • 14.05.2012

    Deferred Opening of BER Airport

    Cpcm comments in Berliner Zeitung newspaper.
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  • 07.09.2011

    Investment opportunities in German retail property tend toward mall refurbishment

    Cpcm writes for Property Investor Europe (PIE)
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  • 22.03.2011

    The Rush for Renewables

    Cpcm writes for Property Investor Europe (PIE).
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  • 27.01.2011

    Das Budget einhalten - auch auf Kosten der Qualität

    An interview with A. Carr in Immobilien Zeitung.
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